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How to prepare for your medical intervention

We want to inform you, that an information and evaluation session is necessary before every medical intervention.

This consultation about your planned procedure should take place a few days before the surgery. But it can also take place on the same day. The consultation has to be done in our doctor’s office.

If possible, please fill our
information sheet (Anamnesebogen) and bring it along. 

We can help you to complete everything during the consultation with one of our medical doctors. Please also remember - if available - to have your medication list, allergy passport and other medical reports and/or laboratory results with you.

Our consultation time is weekdays, monday to friday - 08:00 am to 04:00 pm

It is not necessary to make an appointment or register in advance!

This procedure has proved to be very easy and successful. We always have medical staff on site, who will take care of you with the shortest possible waiting time.

In addition to select the most suitable anesthetic medication for you, you will receive information about the procedure and date of your operation from us in a private consultation room in our office.

How to find us at Bethanien-Hospital

Your way to us: 

1. Entering the main entrance please go directly to the corridor on the right hand
2. Take the elevator to „1. OG“

3. Follow the signs there and report to our reception desk

The operation- and waiting- rooms are on the same level.

Please plan your way to Bethanien-Hospital individually. 

We gladly provide our medical service for you.

Priv.-Doz. Dr. med.
Stefan Scholz

Dr. med.
Michael Schöffner

Dr. med.
Marwan Jarrar

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